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Маршрут по северу ТаиландаIf you don't come to Thailand for the first time, you'll probably want to change your vacation, not spend the whole time on the beach. Of course, such a desire may not arise for everyone, but only if you like adventures, learn new things, learn more about the country ' s values, culture and history. Someone's got enough beach, sea, palm to finally get out of work and just go to the sun without thinking or going anywhere. Well, all people are different and differently happy.

Север Таиланда

Why did we choose this direction? It's very simple - the north of Thailand is markedly different from other parts of the country, there's a better climate, a lot of old sights, great landscapes. There is truth, another self-propelled area in Thailand is northeast (Isan). But there's arid landscape, a warm climate, and there's no such interesting places as the North. You can go next time to look at the traditional Thai village.

So, you have two weeks of leave, and you want to redesign them to the north of Thailand. In our view, 8 to 9 days can be allocated for these purposes, while the rest can still be spent at sea, resting and doing nothing. But if you don't like swimming and taking solar baths, you can travel all the holidays or spend the last five to six days in nature, among the majestic mountains and the vast north of Thailand.

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