Карта Франции

Frequency Travel On Its Own

Сельская местность Франции. Пакет самостоятельного тура по провинции

  • Is English or French common not a problem for you?
  • You've been traveling to the European continent on many occasions, but you've never really gotten to the French depth?

In such a case, you should be interested in a proposal from the French intensive leisure tour operators, which is a travel formula in France on your own.

We publish a regularly updated collection of marshrut tours developed by French intensive leisure tour operators of the Voyageurs du Monde, as well as other tourist companies.

We'll be happy to help you find a catalytic tour or transform it under your request. The purpose of the project is to promote this travel style in France among Russian tourists.

Бухточки в окрестностях Марселя - большие прогулки по провинции пешкомYou can pay for the tour you've earned.

What is the soap tour?

Travel to France on its own - They mean both walking and cycling routes. Imagine, in the morning, you come out or leave a two-wheeled vehicle out of a painting tree and take a step before lunch, or you steer around 2-3 hours, enjoying the fine species and clean air. By reinforcing your strength, you're going back to the road, so you'll have a nice, warming up of your doors in another village tonight.

Travel on your own will enable you to fully enjoy the colony of the province of that country: small towns and old villages of France, to produce local kitchen dishes, etc., in an atmosphere of independence.

How does that work?

You don't need to get involved in a pre-formed group of strangers: on a journey, you can go both, or in company with your friends or your family.

You choose one of your most interesting routes. Arrangements - railway tickets (wish) and junctions, your accompanying gears and baggage transport, the reservation of rural hotels - all of which are taken by the tour organizers. At the same time, the dates are set by you personally.

Pocket of the independent tour of France

The package includes:

  • Hotels, hotels, tourbs and shelters;
  • transport of baggage between nights;
  • If necessary, the transfer between pedestrian phases;
  • Depending on your desire, meals are in the form of half-pancion or breakfast;
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