Путешествие в Прованс Франция

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Tell me about the trip to France. Date of travel: 01 May 2013 - 31 May 2013

We decided to celebrate the May holidays, to dwell on the ocean of the crisis that plagued Europe and to see how the Holy Wall, in the form of Greece, turned and slowly absorbed the European economy.
Look and make sure, yeah, they live there hard, they have everything there...
There's no only a fight, a multi-kilometre traffic on the roads killed, from the pressure to the subway and the attempt to walk through the night city from the stop to the entrance of their home.
Well, they're being rotten, quite calmly, unpressed, for daily walks and scrubs in the café and square.
Most people wonder about pensioners, they're everywhere. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, they're sitting on the vinches' cafeteria, the beer's tight, the cup of coffee or the bag of the aperitia is ticking. And all so happy, peaceful.
It must be from the understanding that everything, that's the end, is the way to say, a lady sword over Europe, and it's not possible to bury and calmly reach its age by balancing itself with quality food and low (compared to our) prices for rags.
I'm sorry for this sad irony, for Derzhav, it's a shame.
Yeah, that's it.
All my acquaintances, they've long accepted that as soon as they travel abroad, their stomachs are spleen spleen, they're starting to function normally. There's all the colics, the punctures, the squeaks and the nausea, somewhere.
They, all these symptoms and manifestations, what, are they afraid to fly with us?
In fact, all of you (yes and we) have long noticed that the same products are there and we have, as it is said, two large differences that can be identified in the elementary way, without all of them tiking, quality reactions and liquid chromatography.
It's just, taste and color, and it's... on the chair... morning...
I understand, of course, the " first experience on animals " , as one famous professor has said, and I understand that we have a full-fledged " Stalker " in the country, and I understand that we are seeking civilized Europe. But at least not only at the price of the stores, I'd like some kind of manic and quality.
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