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Travel To Spain By Itself

"Don Antonio's Violent Life" Tatianas of Bogotivo, Eugenia Solovo

♪ Do you recognize me, Thorwayne people?
People looked in all their eyes, moved their lips, but they didn't. And the mother, too. She finally turned out to be her wife's sir, went into Marina, and she didn't hear anything. Something that doesn't look like my daughter, but it's very similar to "get out, uncleaved power." Just like Father Claude.

"Great life" is a very brave, interesting, well-written novel, and I'll remember myself. At least I'm thinking. Not every day in this genre heroin is a pirate.

But for starters, there's no necromantic, voodoo priests, and "growing life" is a metaphor. My husband laughed for a long time, "What are you reading books?"

And also, in the feedback (if you read them) of libraries and chat, the book compares to Captain Blad's Odysey. No. Not in style. Plus it's not a historical novel. Historical credibility here is a myth. But this is an entirely separate text, although the authors were clearly inspired by Sabatini. Well, not just them.

What else? It's a fantasy, which means we have some magic. Don't wait here for a new magical world: the authors will transfer you to the alternative sixteenth century, England, Spain, and between. Tortuga, too; Undoubtedly worth a book: well-designed location and atmosphere. If you want to travel, adventures, you'll like it. There are hundreds of details that the authors complement their world, with which very skillfully manages... I'd read it for one.

When I'm talking about dignity, they can and should be described as well. I'll tell you, the love line didn't bother me too much. It was real, it was real. This reality in the fantasy world. It's rare that you read and understand that you're not fooled by a genre (especially if it's a love affair). Although the skepse was at first enough, the authors position heroin like Captain Morgan! Seriously, it needs to have a good fantasy and a good pot to figure it out. And be cool to make the reader believe this bullshit. They made me.

Anyway, the book is worthwhile. At least we can get to know her. Again, all these nice references to famous pirates... And the selks-- who's writing about the trees now? ;

Of course there are. I was the biggest novel composer. The story lines are two, him and her, and there's so many flashbacks there to swallow the book, as I usually do, I wouldn't do it if I wanted to. It's very easy to get confused.

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