в Греции. Путешествовать


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As long as you need to buy a ticket, which days and at what time it's cheaper to spend on holidays and peak season.
How do you track the discounts to get a ticket?
The simplest thing is to sign up for news from a few airlines and sites that track benefits. The signatures will be the first to know about the start of the sale.
If you want to go to a certain city, but you don't have a tariff, sign up for sending information on this area, recommend S7. " Indicate the e-mail address, direction and date of flights on the airline website. You will be offered the number with the most advantageous tariffs in this interval” - report to S7.
The Ural Airlines are regularly informed of shares through social media - official groups are available on Grades, Instagram, Ontact, Twitter and Facebook.
Another way is to find cheap air tickets through aggregators and metapois, such as Momondo, Skyscanner, Aviasales. They compare the offers of different airlines and offer better options. Skyscanner, for example, has even a special section on discounts and shares.
There are also information resources that collect special proposals for flights and " pirate " tariffs, such as piratesru.com or vandrouki.by.
What days of the week are the ticket prices lower?
" Everything depends on direction. Talk about it. Russian travelBecause of the big business transaction, there's a lot more to be used for booze flights, so it's usually cheaper on weekends. On international routes, more often than not, the prices below Monday to Thursday are reported in Aeroflot.
Yandex. Derek.
S7 Airlines: Yerevan tickets
Reis Moscow-Erevan of 16,006 roubles. A 5% discount for a four-person company!
" International flights of all airlines shall be governed by IATA (International Air Transport Association). The course counts every week on Wednesday night. If the currencies grew up compared to last Monday, the tickets would be more expensive. If the rouble has grown, you'll be bold to postpone the purchase of tickets on Wednesday, Skyscanner.
According to the Momondo study, the cheapest way to go abroad is Tuesday and Sunday, Russia ' s cities on Tuesday, and on Saturday, maximum tariffs are usually available on both domestic and international flights.
"You don't have to take tickets for the first few months. The airlines know our love for “severance from the 1st number” and take it into account in the tariff grid”, report to Skyscanner.

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