Соловецкий монастырь

Self-Sustained Journey Of The Pheterbourg Of The Straw

We propose two options for this day:

1. Breakfast is a Swedish table. Transport on a bus (260 km). Examine the unique marble debris and landscapes formed during marble mining. The pearl park is a marble canyon with emerald water and the Ruskeal waterfalls, where films were filmed by the Zory here quietly and by the stones growing trees. There's a tour on the park. The shores of marble lakes with transparent water in a beautiful cup of Russian marble with equipped viewing areas and deep cuts will leave no one indifferent. Dinner. Return to Petrozavodsk.

2. Transport to the city of Sortavala (250 km). Breakfast is on its way. Rolling on the Ladze Lake to the island of Valaam (45 minutes). A review tour of the central landing of the monastery with a visit to the Savings-Previewed Cell, the Vosresen and Gefusimian Skits. Dinner in the monastery. The concert of church songs. Switch to Sortaval. Return to Petrozavodsk.

Breakfast "swed table." Release of the numbers. Bus to Belomorsk (370 km). On the road tour to the natural reserve of Kivac, one of the largest plains of Europe - Kivac. A visit to a dendraria, where you can see a famous carel shore.

Belomoorsco-Baltic Canal, linking the White Sea to the Lake of Onez. Watching the lock in the village.

The Green Parking in the Bowl on the Coast of the Lake On. Dinner, rest, swim, walk in the woods, harvest mushrooms and berries.

Breakfast. Transfer to port, landing on a three-deep sea-class soapfir. On board: 3 comfortable passenger compartments, café, open walk deck, souvenir kiosk, library.


Arrival to the Great Solovsky Island. Survey tours on the Solower Creamacquaintance with its history and architecture, visit to the central convent complex, existing temples, monastery facilities and monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A walking tour of Mos Labyrinths on the Living Bank of the White Sea, where you will see " gorgeous " trays and " labyrinths " , spiral stones, a monument to the culture of prehistoric civilizations. Free time.

At the request of the Maritime Museum, the exhibit. ♪ ♪

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