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The official name is the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC).

The capital is Simferopol. Other major cities: Kerch, Evpatoria, Feodosia, Yalta, Alumta. Sevastopol is assigned to a separate administrative unit.

Geographical guidance. The centre, north and west of the peninsula is a step (equivalent) Crime. South and East - Mount Crimea (Roma Mountains). The sea coast can be divided into the west, north-west, north-east (the coast of the Azov Sea, the Sivas Gulf) and the south coast of Crimea (SBK), where mountains rise directly from the sea. In the north of Crimea is connected to the mainland of the Perekopian armor. The extreme southern point is the Cape Saritch (not far from Foros). In the west, the Crimea ends with the Tarhankut peninsula.Путешествие в Крым Eastern End - Kerchen Peninsula.

The details of all beauty are described in the review. "What to see in the Crimea?"

Crimea ' s natural reserves and conservers are under State protection. The rules on forest protection, mining and rescue, fire safety, as well as the specificities of communication with Crimean eggs, fines and local crafts are set out in the article " Red Cross Guard - how to beat the gays?

Крым - справочникHow to get to Crimea?

We can get to Crimea on a car, a bus, a train, a plane, a ship. Main railway stations: Simferopol, Sevastopol, Janka, Evpatoria, Kerch. Large international traffic stations are located in all major cities of Crimea. The main ports are Sevastopol, Kerch, Evpatoria, Yalta. The main airport in Simferopol is also in Sevastopol.

There are two ways to get into Crimea by land. The first is to take a tomb with the mainland Ukraine. The second is to use Kerchen ferry.


The main railway branch is from the beetle (Armensk, Krasnoprokopsk) in Simferopol, Bakhchirai, Sevastopol. The extra branches go to Evpatoria and to Kerchka (Feodosia). Electrics go regularly.

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