В Крым на автомобиле

Self-Sustained Journey In A Vehicle

по крыму на машинеThe Crimean peninsula is great in its beauty. In a relatively small area, it reconciled the diversity of climatic conditions and relays, mountain peaks and glasses, caverns and canyons, waterfalls and seas.

Rich and the story of Crimea. Since the peninsula has been a part of different empires and States on several occasions, reminders have become remarkable: chickens in staps, parks and cave monasteries, sanctuaries and stone idols, bells and cities, parks and palaces. Some of them have been well maintained and can compete equally with similar European monuments.

Rain travel vehicle

By planning a trip to the Crimea on a car, many people want to minimize travel costs.крым отдых автомобиль The most cost-saving money can bring rent.

Frequently, amateur tourists traveling across Europe, staying at night in camping. For those who don't know what camping is, I explain that this is a well-established territory, in some cases protected, with a developed infrastructure. All the conveniences at the full disposal of the rest, from the kitchens and shops to the parking lot and the possibility of booking places via the Internet.

путешествие на автоWhere do you sleep? Choose between the tent and the domicile.

Rest in Crimea by car

But if you're going to rest in Crimea in a car, you're going to have some kind of car shopping. You can even say you'll be a slice of wildlife here at night.

Crimean camping is primarily part of the sea coast or mountain fields. This kind of recreation will be required for those people who are tired of civilization noise, and their soul is striving for unity with nature. Therefore, the lack of amenities in this case should be perceived as an adventure, and people must be fully prepared.

отдых на меганом пещерный монастырь дворец хана что взять с собой в путешествие
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