Индуистский храм в Коломбо

Marshrut's On His Own Voyage

Самостоятельный туризм по острову Шри ЛанкаMany would like to, but fear to travel on their own, most of which are blamed by a large number of stereotypes and misconceptions. The great dignity of our own journeys is, in our own right, the opportunity to fully manage our time. In fact, it's just unbelievable to be longer where you like,

To complete the move and stop in the nearest town, if there is no effort to move on, not to go where you really don't want to go (fabricates and shops) and to adjust the start and, if necessary, the end and duration of the route. The journey of savage to Sri Lanka is no less interesting than to travel with a tourist firm.

With regard to stereotypes and misconceptions, one is Lack of English spoken language♪ Believe me, most of the people you meet during your journey are in possession of foreign languages at the same level. At all times Sri Lanka We only met two people outside Colombo who spoke pure English, hearings, not Singlish. I sometimes forget the necessary words, but at these moments, self-sustaining, sign language and imaginary thinking come to help: so one familiar has managed without any language skills to get a needle and a thread using purely mimic and sign language. In the end, she got what she needed, and those who helped her to build up her mood and left some fun memories. If your knowledge is limited to 30 words, it is enough to perform non-chit transactions like small purchases or to negotiate with the transfer price tuker, it simply requires a calculator or a pen and paper, or, in the case of another acquaintance, it is possible to simply tag the figure on the sand in the case of the "death" charge.

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