От Парижа до юга Франции и

Self-Sustained Journey To The South Of France

The journey to France on its own is an excellent opportunity to visit all the most interesting, exciting, unusual and even a little crazy, which is usually not included in the standard visiting list.

In addition to the main and all known virtues: the Eiffel Tower and the Monmartra in Paris, the castle of If in Marseille, the botanical garden in Tuluza et al., there are also lucid non-touristic places such as the beautiful Vidoca vitacle or Marqueyssac mysterious gardens. Only an individual trip to France can show you what you can't see from the tour bus window.

Find out how to go to France on your own, and there will be enormous and untouchable opportunities for you. Only you will decide what places to see and what to choose. A self-important trip to France will allow you to dwell on the history, culture, household, kitchen and nature of this great country. This country is not only glossed by the famous historical monuments of nature and architecture, such as the Sobor of the Paris Bogomáteri and the Louvre, but also by sophisticated wines and cheese. And the unusual delicacy of frog-haired paws can never be remembered: French around the world have been known for a long time under the fun name of frogs.

How to go to France

The question of how to travel to France on its own from Ukraine is usually followed by the following: how to travel cheaply, where to stop, how to plan a further journey along France, to see which restaurants to visit and many others. Of course, you can trust the travel agency and just buy a ready tour, but then you'll miss a lot of interesting things, you won't have full freedom of movement and action. Sometimes I want to bring some spontaneity into a boring day. To wake up in a cozy little hotel in the solar Provence, and only at this point, decide how to spend your day and what to visit the places from the big list drawn up before the trip.

Travel to France on its ownbut it gives you more freedom and the opportunity to save money. And most importantly, you choose, decide and do it yourself, and it's so beautiful!

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