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Liguri Travel By Route

Liguria (Liguria) is one of the smallest but also the most beautiful regions of Italy, situated along the coast of the Liguri Sea. Rest here is the dream of many tourists who go to Italy: it is in Liguria that you can visit the old Geno, visit the music of San Remo and the multi-coloured cities of the national park of Chinqué-Terre, light on the most beautiful beaches, learn the unbearable taste of the local kitchen and get a lot of amazing impressions.

History and modernity

The name of the Liguri region is derived from the name of the ancient Ligur population, which has once had a significant impact on the territory of almost all modern Europe, but then displaced celtics to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. When the land of modern Liguria became part of the Rome Empire, the Liguras were rapidly mixed with Romans and ceased to exist as a separate nation.
During the period of the Middle Ages and until 1797, Liguria was located in the city of Genoa, which is now the capital of the region. In 1797, Napoleon turned the Republic of Genuez into a pro-téctorate of France, known as the Republic of Liguri, and then joined Liguria in France. This situation remained until 1815 until the region was won by Sardinia.
On the map of Italy, Liguria takes the form of arc extending from the French border to Toscan along the coast of the Liguri Sea. The tourists are attracted to beach, painting nature, many historical virtues, holidays and festivals.

How to get

A plane can reach Liguri from Russia because a major international airport has been located in Genoa. There are charter flights from Russian cities in the summer; throughout the year, it is possible to travel to Genoa with a transplant in Milan or Rome.
From Genui to other cities in the region, it is possible to travel on a train in Liguri, a well-developed rail network, connecting even the smallest cities.
Other Italian cities - for example, from Turin or Milan - can also go to Gene on a train, and then cross to the right transport before the city that is the main point of your journey.

Provinces and cities

The Liguria region consists of four provinces: Spezia (Provincia della Spezia), Savana (Provincia di Savona), Genova (Provincia di Genova) and Empire (Provincia di Imperia).

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