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Cuba ' S Own Travel Routes

Despite the fact that the majority of Cubans are going to die for less than $50 a month, the foreigner is expected to spend quite differently. Survival, displacement all requires very costly for the third world. A Cuban needs several dollars to cross the Freedom Island from the west to the east. The foreigner will not sell such a ticket, there are special buses with special tariffs. He may also live in hotels or private houses with a license to work with foreign tourists.

Even currency in the country is two: one for the domestic needs of a simple people, another for commercial relations with capitalists.

There's a stereotype here:
Cuba is a very expensive country for travel, with an average cost of $70 to $100 per day. Let us try this stereotyping to refute by considering the most expendable. travel - Live and transport. But we'll start by touching some common themes.

How to get to Cuba

Any airlift in the present time is worth a dime. Cuba is not an exception. On the Aeroflota website, the commercial price of the ticket to Havana is Euro713 per round, but it is estimated that it will cost more than 1,000 euros. Cubana offers tickets a little cheaper, but then you won't get bonus miles. And the flight to Cuba is a free ticket to Europe from the Aeroflot as a bonus.

Cuban aircraft fly to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama.

The ticket is worth about $500. There's no ferry service with other countries.

When we go to Cuba

The right thing to say is when you don't have to go to Cuba. In summer, it's suffocating heat, and in September it's hurricane season. In the latter case, leave may end with forced evacuation from the coast. Catholic Christmas is the peak of the tourist season with the most expensive air tickets. It follows that the best time to travel is spring and late autumn.


Citizens of the Russian Federation may be in Cuba without a visa for 30 days. The hotel ' s arm and the tourist voucher are not required, but the migration card should write a residence address. You can write any elevated address from the launcher or the Internet.

Don't lose the migration card.

Without her, they won't be in the caste (private house) and there'll be trouble leaving. When you leave, you have to pay the airport fee at 25 grand.


In Cuba, two currencies are peso and dock. Peso, he's a cubano peso, he's a Monedo nacional. It's a local currency. 1 peso is about 1 Russian rouble. Frequently labelled MN or c/u.

Cook (cuc), he's a peso convertible, often marked with/c. Currency linked to leading world currencies (dollar and euro). It is in the opinion of the Cuban authorities that they must use the tourists. The tourists can change their currency only for the cuisine and then for the sand. The exchange rate at the beginning of November was 1 euro = 1, 19 kook,
US$ 1 = 0, 92 kook. In exchange of dollars, obligatory 10 per cent of the commission is charged, i.e. $1 = 0, 8 coke.

The local pesos can be traded in any exchanger called cadeca. 1 coke = 28 pesos. In exchange, a passport or other identity card must be shown.

You can only settle in a hotel or in a cab, buy a bus ticket (for an alien), enter a museum. Half of the stores and cafeterias (even for locals) give prices in pieces. Local residents also use that currency. Only one can buy a rum Havana Club.

They pay for street food and public transport. In principle, buying pizza on the street for five pesos, you can get a dock and get a change in the peso, but the course will be worse (20 to 25 pesos).

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