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Free Journey To Belarus Without A Car

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Our family likes to travel on a car. This year, we decided to go to Belarus, so to speak, on the glory of the Soviet people. Started on 1 July at 5 a.m. from the extreme north of Moscow and left the city on the Minsk highway free of traffic.

The road to the destination is that we rented an apartment practically in the middle of Minsk, to the corner. Nemiga, it took eight, five hours. Doing two stops, getting drunk and eating. By the way, gasoline in Belarus is more expensive than in Russia than in Russia, the price of all gas stations is the same - litre of AI-95, for example, there are 1,1,100 Belarusian roubles (BYR), i.e. approximately 44 Russian roubles, so we recommend that the border gas station be refuelled on the Russian side. Trass M-1 is quite good, in the Smole region, some road repairs and narrowing.

In the territory of Beloroussia, there's not a lot of twirling, but also hinds, cars, there's a lot of time when we were driving alone on the track. And by the way, they used to meet cars with Russian numbers from different regions than local ones. We got cars on our way to Brest even from the Zabaikal province!

Музей железнодорожной техники в БрестеSo, at 13:30, we reached our own apartment. We had lunch and went to meet the city. Also in Moscow, setting up a travel plan, I found that Minsk has a city tour tour tour tour tour, like a red dabbler we know. The bus is stationed in the occipital area, without stopping on the following route: the Vocal, the verge of independence, the Palace of the Republic, the Church, the Pobed region, the Academy of Sciences, the Botanical Garden, the National Library, the Yacuba Kolas, the Trotsky, Park Pobeda, Minsk-Arena, the Palaceaport.

The duration of the trip is approximately two hours, and there is audio-hyde in Belarusian, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Four times a day, at 11, 13-30, 16-00, 18-30, cost for adult 300000 BYR, for children from 7 to 15 years 150000 BYR, up to 7 years free. Our family (2 adults and 2 children) travelled to 90000 BYR (i.e. approximately 3,300 Russian roubles), cash only. Audiogid offers a brief historical background on the country and a more detailed account of the capital. From the height of the second floor of the bus, we have a beautiful, secular city, quite a European, but with a recognized Soviet architecture.

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