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Self-Exit Journey To Belarus

Marchruth: St. Petersburg - Petergof - Kronstadt - Pskov - Lida - Grodno - Moscow

July 23rd. We're heading towards Petr's graduation, and we're only going 230 km. We'll live at the Hotel Ochtinsk, where we have a room with a view on the Smoochtine Bridge at our request (and it's possible on the booking.com website).
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Marsrut: Barnaul - Belarus - Poland - Germany - Austria - Czech Republic - Brest (cross Grodno)

Oh. on a motor vehicle We've been dreaming for a long time. They've been running the routes, reading the reports on various sites, counting the budget, and that's when the best route and time for us were finally chosen. He was Barnaul--Moskva-Minsk-Grodno-Malbork-Gdansk-Poznan-Munich-Ven-Praga-Krakov-Brest-Moskva-Barnaul. The visit was scheduled for August 2014. Our car is Toyota Ist 2002 and we are Vitaly ProduceMaria to us 23 years old, driving along the line.
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Marchruth: Lower Novgorod - Lida - Grodno - Warsaw - Vroclav - Praga - Vienna

Get out of Novosibirsk quickly, early morning (6:15), cars a little. It's not a bad road to Omsk either. And in front of Abatski, it must be a traditional road, like after the bombing. And so to Omutinsky, the weather was ruined, and it started raining, filled with boots on the road. I was afraid of not catching a pit with a wheel and driving the disks.
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Marchruth: Lower Novgorod - Smolensk - Minsk - Lida - Grodno - Brest

I've often read the feedback on travel, and it's my turn to share my feedback on the trip. It was decided to take the first May holidays to Belarus. It's been a while, but it's been a while, and it's been four days off. My wife's on vacation for now, and I took a 30 April vacation, thereby increasing the travel time to five days, as later proved, it was very small.
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