Рождественское путешествие в

Self-Sustained Journey To The Casani

Самостоятельное путешествие в КазаньIn its millennium, Kazan met a modern, beautiful, stylish city in which cultural and historical traditions are preserved and its inhabitants can and love to receive guests. As a result, travel to the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan can be a good choice for those who decide how to spend holidays, holidays or just a long weekend.

When do we go to Kazan?

The best time in Casani is springtime. The air temperature already reaches an average of 15 degrees of heat in April, allowing for comfort to walk around the streets and areas and to look for sight. In summer, it's hot enough, and it's why you're gonna have comfortable clothes and head cleaning. Long sleeves and closed knees are the necessary conditions not only to protect against the sun, but also to visit numerous Kazakh temples and mosques, many of which are famous historical monuments.

How do we get to Casani?

Flights from Moscow to Kazan all travel in one and a half hours. The train will have to travel up to 20 hours depending on its category, and bus tours are very popular in the outskirts of Tatarstan City.

Housing question

It is possible not only to stop in traditional large hotels, but also in family mini-hosts opened in large numbers in the city. The comfort atmosphere, the comfort house and the gracious hosts, the guarantee that the vacation will enjoy and be remembered for long.

Bet you taste.

The distinct feature of the Casani catering establishments is the excellent quality of the dishes and the pervasive wireless Internet. In restaurants and canteen towns, the dishes of the Tatar and Russian kitchens can be found and the opportunity to eat can be found without violating religious traditions. The Tatar kitchen is famous for its soups and pies, sweets and drinks. You can sell everything in every cafe or restaurant, quality will be high, regardless of the size of the place.

Enlightening and fascinating

The Kazan Kreml and the Kul-Sherif Mosque are two of the city's most famous sights and travel cards. For the theatres, a visit to the Musa Jalil opera theatre will be unforgettable, and museum and exhibition fans are unlikely to be able to see all the Casanian exhibits, many of which are unique and unrepetitive worldwide.

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