путешествие на Шри Ланку

Self-Sustained Journey To The Luncheon

_ Candy (1 night)- Nuvara Elia (1 night)- Bentota (3 nights);

Flight: Emirates is a magnificent fleet of aircraft, a slight inconvenience-- some inconvenience to a/p of Dubai, possibly related to reconstruction (non-use of passenger sleeves, lack of information on the flight to Colombo on the plaque, we only heard the final call);

Internal mode: vehicle with driver (Toyota Corolla with air conditioner) -- total run of about 1,200 km;
Total impression and health status in the country: unexpectedly, Sri Lanka- a very clean country, almost all the people we see are unriched, but purely and hidden, there is no bond of the poor (naturally, there are professional beggars in the tourist destinations, but no one is grabbed and no passing passes; It was pretty filthy, and Anuradhapur, where a large number of policemen came. Bus of garbage meet in the streets no more than in Rodina.

Climate and weather: It's not hard to guess, the Equator area is always warm. Despite the fact that the time of our visit is not considered rainy season, it rained every day: the morning was always clear (except Nouvara Elijah) and it rained from 0.5 to 5 hours after 2 to 3 days. Long rains came on the coast, but they say we're just a little unlucky. Anyway, when planning the route, the most important landings are reasonably planned on the morning-- it's always yours, and then it's gonna work. In hotel areas, mosquitos are fighting, but there's no need to be repelled.

Nature: fabulous, green buoys everywhere, so I haven't seen anything yet. Shortly now on the main features and hotels along the route: the Cultural Triangle: perhaps the cave temples of Dambula and Sigiria were most likely to be liked. Anuradhapur surprised the greatness of the structures. Scale figures in Pollonaruwe seemed more powerful than in fact they were in the rocks and significantly lowered by similar figures in limestones. Hotel Deer Park Hotel, duplex cottage- is located in the jungle, monkeys run around the territory, according to different estimates of category 4-5 stars, which corresponds to reality.

The Temple of Buddha's tooth: The opening of a sarcophagu with a tooth to be seen occurs twice a day and in the morning and at 7:00 p.m. It should be borne in mind, however, that a small space in front of sarcophagus, coupled with a large number of guards, would not allow you to be at the centre of events. ♪ ♪

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