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Marshruths Of A Free Trip

Reading praises for local guides that everyone will show, tell and take care of housing, writing off one of them. The proposed travel route was somewhat set. All recommended hotels were 20 to 50 per cent more expensive than their own reservation.
Every suggestion I made, the Gid had some excuses: why live in Colombo, there's nothing to watch!
Why stop in Candy, this town is on the way!
We have to sleep in Habaran, a transportation hub, a $100 hotel, and a nice view of a $160 window! That you could see at night I didn't understand. A neighbor at the same level in Habarana gave a spice. It became clear that the routes for each “national guide” were standard. Hotel departures are so good that a step to the right/ left is a shooting. An escort is estimated at $50 a day. “Mee, national hydes, not living in gesthouses”. We lost interest in each other when I reported on rented housing in the capital and on the east coast. Hyde insisted on the Nilavelli Beach Hotel as a fabulous 5* (booking indicates only 3*, irrelevant e-mails). To talk me out of Pigeon Island wrote about the black sand that was written Radioactive!) Fantasia hits the key when it comes to its own pocket!
"I'm sorry, I can't meet you at the airport." Of course you can't, because you're offering a transfer for $50, and a taxi (who's in bulk) cost $20.
Based on the Russian folk that used to turpacettes and fears, former students stabbed money in the sweat of their faces. Why do you work in a profession? In five years, they taught Russian. In a poor country where a monthly salary is $200. ♪ ♪

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