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Balls' Travels On Their Own

вулканы на острове бали(Too Roberto. Trombetta / flickr.com / CC BY-NC 2.0)

Hotel feedback

According to the restoratives, most hotels in Bali have a similar area with ponds, basins and parks, but far from everyone can provide their own beach, the sea can be with reefs or camenas. In such a case, urban free beaches or swimming in the pool have to be used.

Non-required tourists use gesthouses: $10-15 per day, the price will depend on resort, conditions and proximity to the beach. This option is suitable for those who do not stay in one place. However, hotel rooms are also acceptable: a great three-star hotel in Cute on the coastline, about $65 a night with breakfast. But it's not a problem to find $20-25, especially if you can book in advance or in a roomguru stock, there's a lot of good hotel offers. It's pretty easy to find hotel 2 for $15-20.

жизнь на балиThe good beaches and services at hotels Novotel Bali Benoa 4* and Ayodya Resort Bali 5* in Nusa Dua sometimes disappoint the sea: together with the tidal to the shore, the algae and the debris.

I've been well-established by the budget pondok Sari 2* in the Cute, the service and the license fund are good, around a lot of low-cost restaurants. True, 20 minutes to the city beach, but you can take a cab or rent a bike.

отдых на бали у моряAs a warning. At the same time, negative feedback from hotels in Bali is also being received. All right, Palloma Hotel Kuta 3* called for rest. The unsatisfactory location of the hotel, there's no café or restaurant near, the hotel room fund is weak, seldom removed, the pool with highly chlorinated water has all upset the residents. A Bali Kuta Resort 4* was frankly shocked by rusty cranes depressing the basin, lack of hot water and air conditioner in the room.

Island restaurants and food prices

In restaurants and cafe, you can try the Indian, Indian, Chinese and European food. The local kitchen is seafood, meat and vegetable rice, sharp soups and fresh juices.

In Jimbaran, all the shores are stacked while seafoods are being prepared to entertain live music. Warung Santai, Paper Planes, Puri Bar received the best response. In Nusa Dua, the restaurant of Tropical Seafood, Grill, Drink Drink and The Pad Bar and Grill received good feedback.

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