Метеоры Греция

Travel To Greece By Itself

Necessary documents:

  • EP with a " year of fitness " of at least 3 months after the expected visit. It is also desirable to provide a copy of the old foreign passport if it contained Schengen visas;
  • Questionnaire with questionnaires;
  • Two colour photographs 3x4 cm;
  • Cserocopy of all functional pages of the internal passport;
  • A reference to the place of work on the business form, indicating the position, salary, address and telephone of the organization. Individuals working with a private entrepreneur, other than the above, also provide a copy of the certificate of State registration of the IP/PBYL;
  • Private entrepreneurs should be provided with a copy of the certificate of State registration of IPs, a copy of the company ' s certificate of tax recording and tax declaration;

The customs records of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in foreign passports greatly reduce the chances of safe visa issuance.

At a pleasant moment: if there is at least one schengen in the foreign passport (preferably multiple) The embassy can give a multi-schengen for five years.

Unemployed documents

Unemployed (students, retirees, housewives, etc.) will need a cerocopy of a pension or student ticket and a sponsorship statement from the traveller to the nearest relative, written by my hand: " I, FIO, sponsoring a trip ... (indicate the kinship or other attitude towards the traveller and FIO to the traveller ... Together with the sponsorship, it will be necessary to present a copy of the sponsor ' s place of work (at least 30,000 RUB) or a copy of his savings or a discharge from the bank of the status of his account, a copy of his internal passport, as well as a copy of the kinship documents. Students also need a notarized copy of the birth certificate.

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