Третий отзыв о самостоятельном

Self-Sustained Journey Of Recollection

Самостоятельно в БразилиюAs the great companion was right, the people of Rio prefer white pants. Make sure it's easy. It's enough to buy air tickets and go on its own to Brazil, a country where there are more waterfalls, beaches, ocean, carnival and, of course, football in addition to wild monkeys!

Entry formalities

If you plan to spend 90 days on your own in Brazil, you won't have to worry about the visa. Russia ' s citizenship is only sufficient for the existing foreign passport. Flying is better and cheaper than a flight of European air carriers with links in Paris, Madrid or Amsterdam. Multiple sales of tickets and airlines allow tickets to be purchased long, but at affordable prices.

Самостоятельно в БразилиюRealities and expenses

The Brazilian Real is a national currency for which the exchange of euros or dollars is easier and most beneficial in the banks ' offices. At the airport, the course is the most unsatisfactory, and it's only a small amount to convert to the city. Hotel exchangers don't welcome a good course.
Food prices in the country ' s cafe and restaurants depend heavily on the proximity of the establishment to the tourist area. At the same time, it is also not recommended for safety to deepen into the confusion surroundings of Rio or São Paulo.

  • Dinner at the Swedish table in the cafe may be between 20 and 40 rays, with meat being present.
  • Dinner in an expensive restaurant with wine and seafood for two is 80-100 raals, and a plate of seafood with rice is the same for 20 rays.
  • The price of a litre bottle of drinking water ranges from 1 to 2 reals, but it's better to buy 5 litre canisters if you plan to stay in the hotel for a few days.
  • The hotel room in Rio with its own bathroom and within the central part of the city can be removed for R$ 250-400. Now, during the carnival, the prices rise sharply and the same room will cost at least twice the cost.
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