Почему выбирают Калининград?

Caliningrades Travel On Their Own

Kaliningrad♪ Pros: Lesser and latched route, corner of old Europe. Less: A rather cold climate, a border passport is needed for a train trip. But it's only 2 hours on the plane, 23 hours on the train.

Let's see the cost of the trip. Let's try to find airplane tickets first. Any of the many airline ticket searchers would do that. For example, one little known searcher service)

We're just pretending to be worth two tickets to Sochi, Simferopol and Kalininggrad.

However! The cost of tickets for all three headings is 22 to 26,000 roubles. The plane's off. There's no vacation in Sochi and Crimea. The reason is the way on the train is too much, and the plane can't afford it. It's not easy to get out of a short new year's vacation for four days!
Let's see how much it costs to travel to Kaliningrad. Open the RCW site and watch the tickets to the Moscow-Caliningrad train. There are tickets. Coupe's right off, it's the same plane. And the price on the plastic is very attractive - 1,859 roubles. I mean, a romantic trip to the plastic for two of them and back is only 7,450 roubles). And it'll only take 23 hours. Come on!

There's only one small problem - the train passes through Lithuanian territory. So some formalities are needed to travel to Kaliningrad. This is how the website describes them: To cross the borders of the Republic of Lithuania, it is necessary to have a foreign passport.
For a one-time trip, Lithuanian visas don't need Russians.
A special Simplified Passover Document on the Railway (RGD) is sufficient.

  1. The UPU is formed in cassettes on the station, which simultaneously sends a request to the consular division of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Moscow.
  2. 28 hours after the request has been submitted, the passenger must contact any railway register and find out if he has obtained a permit to transit through Lithuania. If permission has not been obtained, the passenger may pass the ticket and return the money. The UPU is free of charge.
  3. The transit permit shall be issued during the course of the train until the passenger crosses the border with Lithuania. The advance sale of train tickets to/from Kaliningrad shall be carried out only when foreign passports are presented.
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