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Travel Calls For Plastic Lakes On Their Own

плитвицкие озера отзывы

Plitwick lakes, Croatia

We're heading towards Plitwick Lake from Dubrovnik on the way to stop eating Croatian oysters and purchased on Hwar Island
Let's go. Krka Park
Krk's park is called miniature Plitwick Lake.
There's a park a few miles from Shibenik town.

плитвицкие озера отзывыWhat I remember in this park except for countless groups of grandmothers, grandparents, children... who had to walk through wooden bridges, stepping up:
- A transparent blue water with the thickest trout groups in it.
- The lower factory, (lower of the broken power station) full of the bathing people. People on the grass with sandwiches. The people on their knees in the water against the back of the waterfall.

That's the water.
It was very pleasant after a marching park to dine and swim in cool fresh water.
I'll tell you that the tickets are being checked by bus drivers who drive you from the parking lot to where the route begins.
You can go free, but you'll have to go down on foot. They don't check tickets at the lower station.
Visiting time: 2-3 hours.плитвицкие озера отзывы Not anymore.

Plitwick lakes

The first thing that hits is a parking lot in the woods.
Finding a place isn't easy. We're going to have to drip the fields and tracks. They're screaming who's in the mountains.
Two: turn for entrance tickets. Sells one cass.плитвицкие озера отзывы Lost time: 15 minutes
Let's move on to the hinged Bridge and we're on the park. The bus stops for another 300 meters.

Amazing, tickets don't check. So you can go to the park for free.
However, it should be borne in mind that the tickets are checked on boats heading between 2 stations (primary entrance) and 1 lower station (the other entrance is north).
By the way, bus tourists are coming to North Station Number 1.
A lot of Russians, our landers. The clothes are different: all women are very elegant, some on the heels.
It should be noted that the heels are easily caught in the cheeks of which all the paths of the top of the lakes are made, and they are also very uncomfortable to walk along the gravine paths of the lower stations.

плитвицкие озера отзывы плитвицкие озера отзывы плитвицкие озера отзывы Плитвицкие озера отзывы
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