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" Circulation of Emperor Nikolay II " (S.C. Oldenburg) - Chapter I (Part 1)
The manifest of the resurrection of the king on the throne. - An assessment of the reign of Emperor Alexander III (V. O. Key, K. P. Pobedonos). - General situation 1894
Russian empire. - The kingdom. - Reading. - Leadership trends: Demophiles and “aristic”. - Foreign policy and the French-Russian Union.
Army. - Flot. - Local government. - Finland. - Print and censorship. - The softness of laws and courts. - Cultural level. Literature by the early '90s. - Art.
Agriculture situation. - Industry growth. - Build the roads; the Great Siberian Road. - Budget. - External trade.
It's between power and educated society. - Calling C. N. Leontyev.
Chapter I
" God Almighty wanted to be in the unconvinced ways of interrupting the precious life of the dearest parent of ours, the King of the Emperor Alexander Aleksandrovich. The disease has failed neither the treatment nor the blessed climate of Crimea, and 20 October, he died in Libya surrounded by the August family of His own, in the hands of Her Majesty the Emperorini of the Empress and Ours.
The sorrow of ours will not speak, but it will be understood by every Russian heart, and we believe that there will be no place in the vast State of Nash, where there would be a hot tear in Gosudar, a timeless eternal remorse, and a motherland that he loved all the power of his Russian soul and for the well-being of which He has thought of everything. And not in Russia, but far beyond it, they will never stop honoring the memory of the King, who represents the irresponsible truth and peace and never once violated in all of His kingdom. "
These words begin the manifesto that led Russia to the revival of Emperor Nikolay II to the Prague Station.
The Alexander III Emperor ' s Board, which had received the name of the peacemaker, had not overshadowed external events, but it had deeply printed Russian and world life. Over the past 13 years, many nodes have been imposed, both in foreign policy and in domestic politics, to untie or chop up his son and successor, to Emperor Nikolay II Alexandrovich.
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