самостоятельное путешествие в

Self-Sustained Journey By Car

Fourth travel day on Provans and the last part of my own travel on Provans
Lasour shore: Nitzza, San Rafael, Saint-TropeBandol. Ex-An-Provence

I was driving without a specific address. First, Grasse assumed the final point of this day, but it was some kind of invisible little town. I thought the previous Castellane stop was more interesting. That's why I pressed the gas, and I went to Nitzza in about 40 minutes. In fact, I stopped at a parking lot using a mobile internet, ordered myself a hotel for one night in Nitzza, not far from the old year and a merchandise for the Nitza coaster:
The lower city of Nitza is quite simple and divided into squares by the streets with one-way traffic, so I found the hotel fast.

What about the parking lot? The owner of the hotel, who represents a large-scale apartment on the first floor of the old mansion, assumed I had to find something on the street and pay for the parking machine. However, when I tried to put me in a location found near where I left the car with a coin in two euros, an old woman left me,
- Monsieur, don't pay!
♪ Why?
- Today is Sunday and parking on the street.
Thanking a woman, I threw things in my room, it's okay, there's free Internet, showers and room sizes, not Paris, so I went outside and went to walk around town.

The city's already dressed up for Christmas, the center's got cats in the center (this is 20 days), opened a tree bazaar, and the children and children didn't go on the wheels. It's a beautiful illumination, beautiful streets, but I didn't like it here, though I had dinner at a good restaurant, I wasn't comfortable in Nitz. There was something in it from the station: a lot of people from different places, a lot of noise from nothing. So, walking around and taking pictures of something in Vieux-Nice that I thought it was interesting to have a glass of wine from time to time, I was totally randomly climbing into the subway, going forward with a good pair and having a great dinner at La Maison de Marie.

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