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Automotive Journey To Norway In The Car

Самостоятельное путешествие в НорвегиюEh, Norway, fair country, winter is dark, summer is beautiful, but always magical.

Travel to Norway is not necessarily one of the most expensive trips to Scandinavia. Even the habits of European travellers are differently affected when signing Norwegian checks. However, Norway has very many unusually beautiful and interesting places to visit, and its own travel planning will save well.

Planning and transport

First of all, take care of a visa, any Schengen visa will be suitable for a separate journey to Norway. A visa to Norway can be made by itself or through an agency.

During the summer time, many airlines offer serious airline discounts to Norway. However, draw attention to the airport of arrival indicated in the booking, some of which are often very far from the cities. For example, I traveled to Oslo in 2012 for 60 euros at roundabouts, but the cost of the airport was about 25 euros at one end, as I did not take care of the booking of a railway ticket from the airport.

Planning needs to be defined with travel on a separate journey to Norway and to travel. The most popular tourist route is Oslo-Bergen-Trandheim. More sports tourists like to travel to the northernmost point of Norway, Nordkapa, while crossing the North Pole Round.

Bergen velo, foto

The most cost-effective mode of travel is a train, especially since the Norwegian Railway website contains many discounts, tariffs, group maps. Norwegian railways are very comfortable, clean, equipped with food and free Wy Fai machines. In addition, travel on the train usually takes place in very painting areas, especially in this regard the Flom Railway has distinguished. The cost of the ticket is NOK 350 (EUR 18-20), but the impressions of the beauty environment will remain with you forever - for me, I still have one of the standard paintings - the view from the window of the car on the way from Flom. But booking tickets is better in advance, at least a few weeks. In the city ' s line, it is better to move on a bicycle, to many places of entry on cars, as Norwegians are very concerned about the country ' s environment in general and urban obscurities in particular.

Norvegia priroda, foto mis Nordkapp 2, foto Norvegia priroda 2, foto Bergen McDonalds, foto
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