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Tour Of Lunch Itself

Шри-Ланка самостоятельноHello, dear friends! Literally, from the early days of our blog, we've always been asked the same questions on our own trip to Sri Lanka. As you know, it was with Sri Lanka that we started our indefinite period. travel Back tickets. Today, we publish all the most important information for those who intend to travel to Sri Lanka on their own. This article is about what we learned on our own experience or what our friends we know and can trust. I'll tell you, it's not hard to go to Sri Lanka with a savage savage than in Crimea!

Sri Lanka itself

shri-lanka-samostoyatelno-002Overtaken by fear

So, what did you hear about Sri Lanka? That it's an island in the Indian Ocean, where elephants and tea are spreading across the streets, there's jungle everywhere, wandering poisonous insects and snakes, sharks and crocodiles in the ocean, and only five-star hotels can live there, but there's no better to go...

Something like that, right? I mean, there's a part of the truth here, of course. Sri Lanka is indeed an island. There are elephants too, really, in the preachers. Some parts of the island really grow tea and someplace even have jungle! What you wanted was a trail. But if you don't want to get into these jungle, you'll never see them. There has never been any shark attack on people on the beaches of Sri Lanka.

shri-lanka-samostoyatelno-003In fact, in Sri Lanka, nothing more dangerous than the same Crimea. You can live anywhere, at a hotel, even in a gesthouse, even rent your own house or even a whole villa. Repeat, testified to the personal experience and experience of other travel bloggers. For example, we lived in Sri Lanka in a hotel, not with one star, not even a star! We also lived in the gesthouse and there was no problem. Read on, the subject of all insurance will be revealed in almost every section.

Do you need to do the vaccinations?

Not necessarily. As for us, we made hepatitis A vaccines and abdominal typhoid. Diphtheria and tetanus, hepatitis B, yellow fever and flawed encephalitis are also particularly memorable. Where to make the prizes in Moscow. But if you don't have a long-distance jungle trip with a night in tents and a wildlife master class, you don't have any vaccinations at all.

Don't just forget the usual security measures - always wash your hands in front of the food, wash the fruits and vegetables, do not smooth the whipped dogs, handle the wounds of the antiseptic.

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