Поэтому от Армении я не ждал

Travel To The Army By Itself

turnik wrote:

I plan on going to Armenia with the kids. A teenager and five years old. Do you recommend travel on your own or do you want to take an organized tour?
Thank you.

Good afternoon! To advise you how best to do what you need to know.
(1) In what period do you plan to come to Armenia (higher if you answer the accuracy of the month)
(2) for which period
(3) How are you going to travel?
(4) Where are you going to stop in Yerevan, then the daily radial tours from Yerevan or you're going to travel in the ring mode to leave Yerevan at the beginning of the journey and end it on the last day at Erevan.
(5) What you want to see in Armenia. For example, the Tatev monastery, Jermouk and Karabagh-- then it's not individual, it's better to join the group. If the environs of Yerevan and Sevan are bold, then you can be alone.
In Armenia, it's better to go with the history, culture, customs, food, at least a little, to know. Then your stay in Armenia will be more complete and attractive.
Can I recommend you take a look at this page?
with respect to Sogoyan Otari

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