Marshruths To The Altas For Self-Reliance Travel

Starting with the story about our trip to Altai, I'll just say there's nothing unusual about it. We didn't scream at the Ucock Plateau, we didn't try to conquer the Katu-Arak trans-shipment to get to the south end of the Tele Lake, we were not involved in Mongolian Steps and an autonomous journey through Altai to Tuva. These are beautiful routes, and they're waiting for us. This time, we just decided to spend some of the vacations in the mountains to see the sights that are available on a regular lung. Grandma, however, giving us his rightful Nissan Wingroad, smashed the trunk to anything that might be needed on an autonomous journey: in case we took the tent, the bedrooms, the cats and a few days' worth. So, Ivan Mihailowicz (year and three months for a guy) took his place in a carcass, azol_ogromova was delegated to a stormman's duties, I wiped the windshield, kicked the wheels and we drove.

The first day was almost entirely on the road. I have a terrible leg in my lungs, so we stopped walking periodically. Lunch near Talmenka, went to the Maria-Ra supermarket in Biiska, had a snack in the Grost, drove past Gorn-Altiska, and were in Ust-Som by 7:00.

Before I went to visit, I read about the recommended turbations, one of them (Kedrov Island), a couple kilometres from the village, we were sleeping. The night was worth 2,000 for the room in the cottage. By planning the travel budget, I was initially earmarked for some of those sums because I wanted to travel without extrem and comfort.

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