острова и Архипелаг Турку

Self-Sustained Bicycle Journey Along The Tour Route

I've decided to write a little for those who have difficulty in choosing a place of rest with small children, having a little bit of a crack before the word "acclimatization." With two vacations along and across the entire Riga, Jurmal and their surroundings, we decided to expand our horizons a little bit, looking at neighbouring Finland. There are the following values: we can go on a train, there are no crowds of people (nothing cleans), climate is not changing. Although the main argument in favour of such a journey was still different: our entire family (and children and adults) is a great admirer of the Mumi-epopia Tuva Yansson, and some time ago, we found out that somewhere in some place. Finland There's something like Mumi Park or Mummie Land. The fascinating travel agency did not clarify this issue, so we approached the Internet, where the necessary minimum information was drawn. Here, I want to thank Diane alone, whose story confirmed the reality of our plan.

I think that a trip like ours is good for adults with children from around 2 to 10 years (there were four and eight at that time, the perfect period, since the youngest understands, the older person is still not shy about his own excitement), the adults there have nothing to do (except the pregnant ones), and if the kids are big and active, then it's worth a day with the Momi Trolls, get on the ferry and roll. Such organized tours exist.

As we have learned, Mumi-Trally is not living in the valley (which is geographically impossible in Finland) but in his own island, next to the summer residence of the Finnish Prime Minister. Acute location (high luck, by the way) is also determined by local geography. The Turku Archipelago, where the town of Naantali is, the second largest island in the world. In one of them, the red roof of Mummie House is visible among the top of the sin. But that's ahead.

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