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Sri Lanka For 2015


In Sri Lanka alone. What you need to know to get some savage.

Hello, dear friends! Literally, from the early days of our blog, we've always been asked the same questions on our own trip to Sri Lanka. As you know, it was with Sri Lanka that we started our indefinite journey without return tickets. Today, we publish all the most important information for those who intend to travel to Sri Lanka on their own. Reading specimen

Hikkaduva, Sri Lanka, is a detailed review of the beach and the city. Our photos and feedback.

Hikkaduva is certainly one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka. We've never regretted that we've lived in Hiccadove for five beautiful days. We broke right into that tree and didn't want to go anywhere else. It's hard to tell where it ends and where it begins, it's all around, it's beautiful and comfortable for the rest. Reading specimen

Where do you buy products in Unawatun? Coordinates of shops and supermarkets

When we settled in Unawatun, we were wondering where we could buy food. The thing is, in Unawatun itself, it's mostly coffee shops, and small tents with fruit, drinks and chips, and there's no big food supermarket. We started questioning the master of the gesthaus, and he gave a tip to the nearest store that we could walk through Hall Road. Reading specimen

Fastfood in Sri Lanka. Where to eat hamburgers and fries in Unavatun

Where is Unawatun eating bad and delicious hamburgers with fries? That was a question that we had two to three weeks on the island. No, you don't think we don't like a local kitchen like we love. But I feel like I can't use it sometimes. Still, eating rice every day is getting tired. Reading specimen

Stealing in Sri Lanka: the history of our readers

At the request of our readers, we publish their history of not having a very good time in Sri Lanka. The divorces and deceptions in Sri Lanka have been said a lot, but these people are just unlucky. Let their experience serve as an example that you never need to forget caution. Reading specimen

The Animal World of Sri Lanka. The animals we saw on the island in the natural habitat.

In no country have we seen so many animals as in Sri Lanka. There's not just a lot of them here, there's a lot of them. And you don't have to go and pay money in zoo or pet. The animals in this green country have been watching everywhere, and they have surrounded us every day. I'll tell you what animals we saw in today. Sri Lanka On the will, except for the reserves and zoo. Reading specimen

Sri Lanka: Common Man, 2012

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