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Summer, the best time to travel on France. It is in the summer that we can see the flower parks of Luara's castle, look at the lavender fields, and of course we can swim in the La Mansh Strait or the Mediterranean Sea's luxury waters.


French Riviera, Pope ' s residence, Luar's castle, the northern coast, and of course Paris

Photo: by sybarite48 : flickrcom

In France, each region differs from its other history, architecture and climate. Of course it's very interesting to be everywhere! But if your vacation isn't more than two weeks, you'll have to choose something. To complete the impression, France will be able to travel from the south to the north.

In the south, the most interesting is the coast of French Riviera, Nitzza, Kanna, Monaco, Marcel. If the plan includes sea swimming, it's best to stay in Nitz. Here are the most pleasant beaches, a lot of hotel choices for any wallet, as well as the Nice ones to get to Kann and Monaco. There is an international airport. Marcel is a very beautiful, but densely populated city with a high level of crime due to a large number of immigrants, with a huge port, making it less attractive to rest on the Mediterranean.

A few more interesting places, Fontaine de Vaucluse, where the great Italian poet Petrarca met his Laura. There is a paper manufactur, operating on the technologies of the fifteenth century and a carst source from which the local river of the Sorg begins. The source is so deep that even the expedition of the team Jean Yves Kusto was unable to find its bottom.

Well, of course, if you travel at the end of July or early August, you will be able to see the famous lavender fields!

The most interesting city of Clermon-Ferran, the capital of the region of Overne, is located on a nearby volcano. Apart from a unique natural monument, there's something to look at in the architectural plan - the historic part of the city is built from a volcanic stone.

Absolutely. traveling to FranceWe need to look into the Luara Valley. The locks are so many that they can't even make it in a month. It's better to settle around a big city, like Bloo, Tour, Somur, Ange, depending on the locks you're planning to visit.

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