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Florence Feedback From Self-Sustained Travel

Continuing the story of our own trip to Italy, I want to make a little retreat and talk about Italians. Our first meeting with them took place on the Berlin-Veneice plane. A full plane of fun, singing, talking loud people who don't sit on the spot and move around the salon, talking to each other like it's a huge family. They immediately gave the impression of happy people who were just happy to live in any of her manifestations. That first impression was further strengthened. These are very receptive, kind people who have literally abandoned us for help if we have asked how to go or where we are. They're very emotional, which is the taxi driver who drove us from the station in Rome to the hotel. Talking to someone on the phone, he just left the wheel and started swinging with his hands, pointing out the way to someone, and he didn't think to drop the speed! We've never met aggression, irritability, indifference, and there's a crowd of tourists who might be " a little " preventing local life. I read to someone in my opinion that Italians are fun Russians and Russians are sad Italians. It must be true. At least we've always been very good as Russian.
Okay, Rome. The city where all the roads lead! We were practically alone on the Florence Rome train. There was only an old nun with us, because Rome is also a Vatican. The hotel was chosen just outside the Vatican area of Prati. It's a residential area, almost all hotels in it are very small (two to three rooms). We were on the second floor in a house with a pompous entrance with marble staircases, a huge hall and a beautiful elevator. We got the keys from the hotel owner from the door of the entrance, the door of the hotel and the door of our room, that is, we left and came when we wanted to. The neighbors barely crossed.
On the first day, we decided to go straight to Vatican for St. Peter's area. It's been a night, so the area was first seen with a grand light. Impressive! A great gathering, famous. ♪ ♪

Palatin is one of the seven Roman hills, and it's where the city came in. It's astonishing how the Italians take care of their history, everything is preserved, and it's like excavations continue, new exponents come out of sight, and the excavations themselves are interesting to see.
Walking to Pantheon, going a long time, always stopping - a circle of beauty!
Panteon is one of the most beautiful structures of antique Rome. It used to be the temple of all the gods, then the duck of famous Italians, now the museum. Raphael's grave was worshipped...

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