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Reindeer Streams Of Independent Travel

The winter journey on the Park is a rare opportunity to join the special beauty and the great clemency of the winter forest. It's no secret that you're not going to the usual woods in the winter because of snow raids and dangers of getting lost.
But in the " Reindeer streams " , the main tourist routes are flooded with snows, and the system of multiple aneslags and indexes allows for safe walks based on maps. Even a fast-track light day allows a large park route (before the big carstic failure and back to the village of Bujukovo) to travel on the road in the morning.
Park description
Scales on Sergi's shores are also magnificent, as are moss and grasses. Green pine and eating is a beautiful contrast with their furious leaflets next door.
Especially beautiful in the winter season of Park's cave. Their entrances are decorated by others, there are ice stalkitis and stalagmites inside.
It's winter. tour guides The routes allow for an assessment of the number and diversity of forest dwellers of the Leg Rouge. Caution beasts rarely approach tourist trails, but traveling through the Park in winter, you can see in the snow and show the children a lot of traces. The tourist trail on the trees is fed for birds, filled with salt, solons with pleasure to lacquer, for example, borrowers and coles. In winter, the guests of Park will be actively seeking little birds, blues, crawls that are brave and trusted enough to put tourists on their hands, heads and cameras.
Tours on the reindeer stream.
Wonderful impressions will give you a ski walk on the Park. The skis laid and marked will allow Park's protected areas to visit.
The winter is replaced by alloys in the Reindeer Rouges. For example, skating on quadrocycles outside Park. Quadrocycle walk is a great kind of extreme rest. New amazing impressions are waiting for a man who will be on a quadrocycle in the heart of the winter forest. It's comforting to ride with a veteran on a cacave of winter trails, a special protective suit, a helmet and shoes.
In winter, any corporate, guided, play, sports or entertainment programme from those held in Park in other seasons is possible in the Leg Rouge. A lot of fun brings even more joy in winter when the movement warms up and...

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