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Self-Sustaining Cypriot Feedback

Путешествие на КипрTravel to Cyprus, if desired, can be organized by its own forces without resorting to tourist agencies. And go to the most unforgettable trip where you can decide where to go. Package tours have a strictly planned tour schedule for the most popular tourist destinations.

Visa received

There is no difficulty in obtaining entry permits. You can get a visa in a few hours. Mainly, " report " is as follows:

  • have Russian citizenship;
  • The visa will be single;
  • Cyprus is scheduled to last 90 days;
  • If a child travels with you, he must have his passport.
  • Imports (at the time of entry) are six months.

We can get a visa online today. To that end, it was necessary to enter the Cyprus Embassy site and complete the proposed questionnaire. The pro-visa blank will come to the e-mail address. It will be printed enough to take a trip to Cyprus.

In addition to Cyprus, neighbouring countries would need a Schengen visa.


The flight to the territory of Cyprus is carried out by Aeroflot, the duration of the flight is three hours.

In Cyprus, there are only two airport complexes that accept international flights in Larnaca and Paphos.

Rental of housing

It depends only on personal preferences. Someone prefers to stay in hotels, but it is recommended that the number be booked in advance. You can do it online.

If you wish, you can rent separate apartments, where you can be housed entirely. The brone can also be developed in advance. A variety of options are offered to special housing sites, subject to conditions and, of course, prices. In order not to be hit by a broken cow, we need to read the feedback. Information may be more than useful.

When best to go to Cyprus

Cyprus is a fabulously beautiful place! And to assess all the local beauty, we need to know when to get on a journey. Remember, July and August is the hottest time: the air temperature can rise above +40 in the shadows. This fall is a different thing. The sea is still warm in years, but the unbelievable heat is falling off. The Barhat season in Cyprus continues until November. In general, Cyprus is suitable for rest throughout the year. You can go to the January holidays and meet New Year.

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