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Chinese Travel On Its Own


Our great East Neighbour, China, is attracting travelers to their richest culture, sophisticated arts and 3,500-year continuous history, compared to which the planned 100-year period of socialism with a Chinese face is a small drop of water in an endless river of time. This country is entering the twenty-first century fully confident that this century will be its. Whether this is the case in time, but China, together with the entire East Asian region, will be channelling No. 1 to tourism in the near future, seems to have little doubt.

The number of Rossians attending the CPD each year is about half a million, with a decrease in the popularity of tourism increasing interest in learning and recreational purposes. The residents of Eastern Siberia and the Far East have long loved the Baidoa and Hainan sea resorts to which they are closer and the Turkish prices. The consumer image of China as a country where the cheap merchandise can only be scattered is increasingly going back. Turns out, China is not only the pukhoviks, but also the huge architectural ensembles and the fabulous landscape, and the Great Wall is not just the ham. And the usual viality and insecureness of Chinese consumption is just a foam on the burial of the sea of Chinese civilization...

It has despaired from the rest of the world with a living and almost inaccessible fence of thousands of hieroglyphs and sounds strange but surprisingly musical. She's stronger than any Great Wall, even a prominent space. Perhaps this is the only reason why our fellow citizens have some restraint in their efforts to visit the country, as well as the seemingly expensive tour to China.

Most tourists travel to China by organized groups. The reason is still the language barrier that is not strong in other eastern countries, such as India. The local turbine is aware of this and is well-used by the circumstances: the prices of tourist services for foreigners are at a very European level. The principle is that the rich (European, American, etc.) pays more. Chinese host firms are required to work only with the " star " hotels, whose prices are quite comparable to those of Europe, especially in Beijing and Shanghai. Those who have to live in hotels of category below 4* can calm down: the government wants to keep the stamps high, and condemns the stars to be really the best. Before I went to China, I heard a lot of rusty Chinese hotels about bad Chinese hotels, especially those who didn't get the stars. I can assure you that all this is a clean water of anti-recklam to impose certain standards.

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