Sri Lanka On An Independent Journey

Сокровище мечтыSri Lanka is indeed a unique island in all respects. It's not just a country of absolute exotic, a country of tea, elephants and coconut palms. It's more than that. Relict forests; the discontinuity of Candi ' s mountain capital to see woody, unbalanced widows who are convinced that the forthcoming " civilization " does not concern them; it is possible to look at them here. ancient citiesthe ruins of the palaces and Buddhist sanctuaries in the jungle; there's also a way to find the woods of dense leans and... the knit crocodiles of the river. Excursions in Sri Lanka, on your own!

Country: Sri Lanka,
City, Quort: Bentota, Dhambulla, Candy, Colombo, Nuvar Elia, Sigiria
Type of tour: Natural, environmental,
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Value: $859
Over a thousand years, Anuradhapur was the capital of Sri Lanka. To this day, we can see a lot of historical monuments and holy Buddhist sites that have been preserved. In the middle of the city, there's a great Ruvanowelli Dag. The Bodhi village is one of the oldest in the world under which Buddha has been enlightened.Тур по Шри-Ланке A teenager was brought to the island in III until the tour.

Country: Sri Lanka,
City, resort: Bentota, Candy, Yala (Kirinda), Colombo, Nuwar Elijah
Type of tour: Thematic, Excursion, Natural and Environmental,
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Value: $753
The second capital of Sri Lanka 11-13 century N.E. The main virtue of Polonnaruva is the Gal Vihara temple, the most famous Sri Lankan temple. The four Buddha statues in various fields are demolished in a granular rock called “the world’s greatest sculpture”, Sad Parakramabah. The Nadelek is located in Parakram Samudra, the 11th century water, Sri Lanka ' s largest internal reservoir.

Райский Остров Культура и Природа Экскурсия по Коломбо Экскурсия в Канди

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