Грузия самостоятельно: что

Self-Sustained Journey To The Cargo

The trip to Georgia suddenly happened fast. Almost there's nothing planned, just reading a few reviews and finding a hyd on the Internet, we took tickets and went to Tbilisi.

Diskleimer, I remind you that all of my reports are just a personal look at what's going on.

A travel plan.
Georgia is a small country to cross it from the east to the west for hours six, north to south and shorter. It takes a long way to reach mountain areas where roads leave much to be desired.

What's to watch in Georgia?
The whole country is divided into 12 districts (see map).
There is no need to travel to Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia.

Eastern Georgia (Kahetia) or the wine valley is famous for its vineyards and ancient churches.

In North-East Georgia (Mzheta-Ananuri-Kazbeki), it is mandatory to visit the Military-Gruzin road, which begins in Tbilisi and ends in Vladikaza (North Ossetia).

In Central Georgia, the major cities of Kutaisi, Gori, Borjomi and the ancient cities of Wardzia and Uplisih are located.

North-West Georgia (Swanetia) is glossed with its mountain landscapes (speaking that Switzerland will squander with Swanetia:))

And to the west, of course, they're going after the oranges, the Ajar Hachapuri and the Black Sea waves.

(a) Readed type of rest.
It's civilized, with the day out of Tbilisi and the nights in the gesthouses, and it's possible for a grown-up with the backpacks, nights in the tents, etc.

(b) Get.
Moscow has direct flights to Tbilisi from Domodedovo, but expensive, about 16-180,000 roubles. It's not cheaper to fly with a transplant in Kiev, Minsk, Riga, Yerevan, etc. You can buy a ticket for 8,000 roubles back there.
If you fly through Kiev, you can still bite a burglar on the Cresciatic on the way there or back.

If you fly through Minsk...

If you fly through Riga...

If you fly through Yerevan...

Other options are Baku, Praga, Istanbul, Warsaw, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam...

Language problems.
The urban population (especially people over 40) speaks well in Russian. Young people know him rarely and easily speak English. In remote villages, both worse.

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