путешествие по Шри Ланке

Self-Sustained Voyage Of Lacquers

Friends, I have an idea to get a company of 15-16 people and make a big tour in Sri Lanka with a copy route.
I'll be a photographer myself, an interpreter and your assistant on a trip.
We have a certified English-speaking guide and a small bus driver.
We'll visit the most interesting places, including those hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists.
Temples on rocks and in the jungle, wild animals, tree houses, modern lanquis, fresh seafoods and rice with curry, whales and dolphins, mountains and waterfalls, tea plantations, white beaches and palms.
For those who love adventure and moderate activity!
ALL: The budget is about $22-25 a day (nutrition, living, transfer, hygienic services).
Aviabilite can be purchased by a group or each buys itself (24 to 27,000 roubles).
That is, about 50,000 Russian roubles plus money on souvenirs together with airlines.
Twelve to 14 days, open dates (this is the best time of November to December 2016).
Write your questions and suggestions in a personal communication or WhatsUp/Viber +7985 288 05 73
Good company, bright and unforgettable impressions.
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Dear friends, real help in drawing up an interesting route in Sri Lanka, full preparation for the trip, a list of audited gesthouses, you can get us an order.
Online advice = state.
We also offer services:
Meeting at Bandaranaike Airport
:: Driver/Taxy in Sri Lanka
♪ Full tour packing "all on" with discount.
♪ Serfing with 50% discount in Tangall.
Write, answer any of your questions:
WhatsUp +7985 288 05 73
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