Самостоятельное путешествие по

Self-Sustained Travel Of Tourist Feedback

In five days in Novgorod, the services of the guided tour office were used only once, and this time proved successful (with one reservation). Marshrut was like Saint-Yurjes Monastery of the 12th century, the Museum of the Popular Wooden Squad in the Vitoslavic village and the Newgorod review. Unfortunately, someone from the group had to get on to the electric grid and, therefore, reduced the village review, resulting in not all museum facilities inside. As compensation, nature may have illustrated the words of our tour guide: in a quiet, solar weather, telling about Lake Ilmen, she (the trainer was a woman) spoke of the sudden turmoil associated with this water. And it didn't last two hours, when the black one flew out, the wind of the mighty, and we barely managed to hide on the bus we had, we started a powerful rainbow with severe wind blows, and 30 minutes later, we'd clean it up, we'd leave a bunch of lame bitches and we'd clean. Interesting movie.

The Museum of People ' s Vitoslavica is located in the village of Vitoslavica, repeating this in order to emphasize that the locality does not seem artificially prepared and the museum is naturally fit into nature. Of course, the composition of the facilities does not correspond to the typical shell: the cults are about as many as the " old " houses, but it is a museum with its rules. A few dozen constructions, in fact, as often written in tourists ' feedbacks or in advertising, re-establish a fairy world. It's not a new thing, it's a real thing, and it's an old-fashioned object, starting from the sixteenth century to the twentieth. The museum itself opened in 1967 and will soon be seen for as many years. We were on a regular budding day, and this weekend there was a mass, speaking bureaucratic language, of events related to the day of the city, it must have been bright, interesting, but also loud. I mean, plus, and minus. I'll show you a dozen photos for the general presentation. Whoever goes to Novgorod is better to see the museum with his eyes - a very curious object. And maybe two times, one with a tour, and the other one with a body and soul. The weather was smury, the sky is gray, except at the end, the storm became relay. Photographs are interchangeable, no sequence in time.

Museum exponates are more and less understandable. Now, a little bit about visitors. Organised in groups, perhaps more than wild, self-sustained. In addition to Russian speakers, one with Spanish and one with German were observed. The Germans consisted of middle-aged women, who had made noise in the young. It's not their fault, it's their language. A few times, the company came to me in the facility, after which the most bold of them, in turn, noticed, started looking at me with suspicion. So, in their eyes, I must have been a chopper from the KGB.

I'll put the Chinese tourists in a separate paragraph. There were many in Novgorod, and there were constant groups of different sizes in the Kreml area. They were at the Intourist Hotel where we lived. It turns out that the Chinese have also observed this museum.

That's probably a daughter under good maternal care. My mom's kind of looking at me.

And another one escaped from the great Chinese people and rushed to get the masses on the bus. Especially as the rain is still coming.

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