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Hotel Spa Villalba - Vilaflor

I'll start by living on Teneriff Island for over five years! And sometimes I'm really excited to be able to make a few drops of this kind of place tonight or two! Of course, I just wanted to enjoy the rest of my life, the location, the location of this hotel, and since I was with my wife's romance! ♪ ♪

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Tenerife - Spain Shipping

Tenerife Island is a free economic zone. The VAT-- it's not chewing, there's only a single tax of 7 per cent. Alcohol and tobacco products are cheaper in the food shop than at the airport ' s Airfrey.

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The Kitchen of the Canary Islands usually offers dishes from different nationalities and continents, but there are also their local, exotic. Here, some of the dishes we've been able to try.
Papas arrugadas (canarski cartophel). For his preparation, they try to pick potatoes of the same size and then weld. ♪ ♪

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Reading retrievals on the Tenerife, many tourists understand that they don't walk away and go to this welcoming island with a warm climate and guests. Spain is comfortable that in any region of this country you can always rely on a decent level of service. The positive feedback from the Tenerife Hotels also shows this. By the way, it is on this island that the highest mountain of Spain and the world-famous pyramids, which must be seen by a traveller, are located. Study. Feedback from tourists About the Teneriff and put your own routes on.

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