Карта со схемой маршрута

Self-Exit Journey Of The Chinese Route

We've been preparing a long journey for our own, a group of five people. When you're prepared on your own, there's got to be a coordinator and drafter of a travel plan, followed by the whole group, we're lucky to have a great organizer who worked every detail up to the bus numbers. So the tickets are purchased, passing through the passport control without problems, entering the plane and posting, the warring began to warm up its engines while waiting for a flight permit, a plane from Moscow to Beijing is flying without landing 750min. We've had very good places, there's a warm ice on the chair, headphones, close to the window. The Russians were practically on a plane, a small group of foreigners, and mostly Chinese people with bags, with bags, the truth is some girls were with ladies' purses, so to speak a little bit, went to their homeland with a basement in Moscow.

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