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Flushing A Walk On The Dispensary Travel Routes

Переулки Старого АрбатаVisits on Moscow: the visibility of the Old Arbat

One of the oldest streets in the heart of the Pervostone has always attracted the city's guests and the city's own. Its remarkable atmosphere and uniqueness, in many songs and films, has remained unchanged for many years.

How do you get to Old Arbat than this street smells, and how can we rest on it?
Content of the article:

Map of Old Arbat in Moscow

Arbat walk - It's a past trip and a real tour from the Arbat gate to the Smolene Square. These are many historical alleys, architectural monuments and an eternal legendary street.

Карта Старого Арбата

What to see and see where to look at Old Arbat?

  • The area of the Arbat Gate, which was named, thanks to the Arbat White City entrance tower in the old days. The word “arbat” was believed to have been brought to the capital by Crimean Tatars (translation to suburbs).
  • Artificial, open as early as 1909, is one of the oldest existing cinemas. On the other hand, it's a memorable sign in honor of St. Boris and Gleba's 30th church. The temple itself, rebuilt according to the drawings, is located in Znamenka in front of the Genstab of the Ministry of Defence.
  • Right behind the Gogol monument is taking its first single boulevard and on the other hand, the Mosselprom House.
  • The Prague Restaran, which has been in existence since the 19th century, and the open purchaser of Tararaku. It's here in the model Mosselprom cafeteria cafeteria in the famous Kis Vorobiyanin novel.
  • The right of Prague begins with the New Arbat, an utterly nicknamed " wallworm " by Moscow. Not far from the restaurant, the Povarsky is the church of Simeon Stolpenick.
  • Right behind the restaurant, home number 4 (the 19th century mansion) belonging to Natalia Goncharova, the palaces of Zawski.
  • Here... Moo Moo-moo restaurant advertisement♪ There's nothing to do with history, but everyone likes to take pictures with her.
  • The Georgian restaurant of the Genazwale in B. Afanassiev alley is a beautiful facade, sculptures, staircases and entrance that resembles a wine bar.
  • Arbat House 23 is a memorial board on the VV (Arbat Voina and Zeninu) and the residents of a building known to the Korin brothers (the braid and the relayer).
  • In the 19th century, the home of 25 architects of Gedica, originally belonging to the " Russian doctors ' community " , and since the 20th century, has been given to art and sculpture classes. They were trained by Kuprin, Muhin and other artists.
  • In the Old Windows, you can see a wooden potion monument (19th century) - a single-story braided landing belonging to the Porhost's buyer.
  • Arbat, 26 is a well-known Wahtangowa theatre, and next to him, Princess Turandot is a sculpture. On the contrary, Acter's Central House, 19th century.
  • An alternative culture of past years is Victor Choi's memory wall. And the masterpiece of the Russian avangard is the house of Melnikov, the beginning of the 20th century.
  • The Temple of Saving the Previews in Pesca. The Church (the only one of the survivors in the 1930s) was established in 1711 and rebuilt in the 20th century. Not far from the temple, the square with the Monkin monument.
  • Arbat, 43 is the house where Bulat Okujava lived and the sculpture. ♪ ♪

Что посмотреть на Старом Арбате? Достопримечательности Старого Арбата Самостоятельная экскурсия на Старый Арбат Рестораны, кафе на старом Арбате

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