Флаг Эстонии

Road To Estonia In A Car Alone 2016

# To hate death
Part 15
The holidays came in. I went to university. I found friends; Hayden and her boyfriend Liam, Tracy and Josh and Corey. We're very good at talking. Elizabeth introduced me to her fiancé. Sweet Charlie. Before the couples, I was running around the park. At least I was from a secure family, I wanted to be independent. I started working for a waitress. That's where I met Derek. We became friends. He was only 1 year older. He looked good. And he had a girlfriend. Her name was Braden. She and I became good friends. I forgot all the problems that were in Bacon Hills.
Suddenly, I get an invitation for marriage. ELISON AREDITED AND THE AISEK OF THE WAS AT THE SECOND CEREMONY. Whose status is. With Allison's love.
Yay. Of course I will. It's my best friend's wedding. Just on vacation.
I'm flying out of Toronto and going to Beacon Hills. Secret and surprise for parents.
♪ Stiles ♪
The canycules went very fast and fun. Scott and Kira broke up. Kira went to Mexico to study. We went on a evpropa trip. It was fun. I didn't even remember Lydia. They'd find new friends. In Ukraine, Maria. In Russia, Anastasia. In Estonia, Elizabeth. In Latvia, Camille. They all had beautiful guys. I've already forgotten half the names of new friends. There were a lot of them. The study was very good. Isaac finally offered Allison to be his wife. We're getting married soon. Because they decided to spend it on holidays. I found a new good friend named Holland. It's 22 tomorrow. Honestly, I don't remember who else they invited to their wedding. Holland went to France.
Pound24 December
♪ Lydia ♪
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