Глубоко религиозное

Responding To Self-Reliance Travel In Rome

In June 2016 Italy, I was sick 10 years ago when I first went to this beautiful country in some crazy bus tour of the pan-Europes. After that, there were short-term visits to Rome and Milan, even in Florence, at the time of one of them, but before Venice, they had no hands. This year, I decided exactly that my short-term June leave would be held in Vienna. I've decided to organize things myself, there's been years of experience, and the prices of the tour operators are biting, and I hate them and I didn't want to.
Started with the search for tickets, long catching victory in Bergamo/Mylan, looking at S7 to Verona, but then after long counts and in time for the Al Italia special offer, it was decided to fly to Vienna with a transplant in Rome. With a 30 per cent discount on the ticket, taking into account the cost of baggage and food, and the possibility of digging aeroflic miles, the price was almost the same as that of Victory with the suitcase. The hotels decided to spend a couple of nights in Lido de Ezolo, buy and go to Venice, and then two nights before the flight to Venice Vestre, close to the station to make it easier to go to Padja and Verona. I was pleased to be surprised by the prices of the Antille Hotel in Lido de Ezolo, which offered rooms for 55 euros over the night of breakfast and dinner, was close to the beach, and the feedback was very good.
A Martello hotel in the Martello area of Margera was chosen to live in Vestre, which is on the other side of the Venice Vestizala Vestre. We'll get back to this hotel later, and I'll start my story from the first part of my Lido de Esolo trip.

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