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Piter Travel By Route

Help me set up a route for Peter! I'll be alone in early June for seven days. I plan to live on the Condratian Prospect at my friends' apartment. I've already put my wishes on, that's what I want to visit, but something needs to be grouped, so I'm asking for help from the forum!
It's like this:
1d. The city on the red bus (only I can't figure out if I have to go to all stops and how long it'll take all day?)
2d. Ermitage (maybe from the morning in line to have a chance to get to the Brilliant Warehouse)
3d. Pushkin+Pavlovsk.
4d. Petergof is on his own way, back on the meteor (in a sunday, of course, preferably)
5-7 days - Isaakiev Cologne, as I understand the tour there for about 2 hours, Kazan, Saved the Crovi, Petropavlovsk fortress, Summer Garden, and I have to go to Vassiliev Island to Xenia Petburz, to take a walk through the channels, through Neve, to look at the bridges.
I'm going to group five to seven days of my wish, so it's not too stressful, i.e. to have fun, not to run with a scapegoat.)
Thank you! Imho Pushkino/Pavlovsk and Petergof should be put in a way that they don't follow each other. For example, two days - Pushkino, three days - Ermitage, but it won't take you all day - after 2-3 hours, there's a head running around and you stop taking a museum, KMK, 4 days - Petergof. I mean, rotate Peter's trip and walk Peter.

Isakievsky, Kazanski, Saved Crowvi, Petropavlovka and Summer Gardens can be covered by one day (I understand that you're on a tour in Isaakiev, and then just go and see:)


I don't know if I have to go out on all the stops and how long it'll take all day?

You can come out when you want, it'll take as long as you want, the ticket is all day.

Isakievski, Kazanski, Saved Crowvi, Petropavlov and Summer Gardens can be covered by one day.

I wouldn't, for me, it's a lot of one day, and something can be matched to a situation like Petropavlov.

Vassiliev Island to Kinia Petburj

I've traveled two times, it's about four hours if it's not a running race. I think it's real. Keep the palaces and parks, towns and suburbs, focus on location, situation and mood, walk more and everything will be fine. During the walk, you'll see a lot more places you want to look at or visit, so it's not enough for all time, it's nothing to come. Remember, you're not a plan of sight but a pleasure to receive.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The classroom itself is separate for individual money. There's a tour guide, but not two hours less. Well, honestly, don't need Pavlovsk, or both will be bad. You'd better enjoy one suburb, IMOC Cary. First day, you're not tense enough to secure a bus tour, you're going on a ship tonight, for example.
Once again, we're going to refuel - Pushkino under Moscow, we've got the city of Pushkin, Czar Sel.

Pushkin/Petergoff, of course, I'll be rotting in a day from each other, which I just meant when I was writing the other day... that I don't plan to drink anything else on a one-day trip, so we'll hang out with friends at night.
I plan to: Isaakievsky, Petropavlovsky (excursions mandatory), and the Savi on Krovi and Kazanski, they also take tours, or have they run enough?
I don't want to run on Vasiliev Island, i.e. at least four hours, yeah, I've got a notebook!
Maybe I haven't written enough for seven days to read the forum, people here at 5 days trying to put it all up and even more)

Thank you for the city amendments! I've never been to Peter, I don't know exactly the names.

Alexei Smirnov, you've written correctly - not a plan of sight to do, but pleasure to receive!

Maybe I haven't written enough for seven days to read the forum, people here at 5 days trying to put it all up and even more)

Don't you have to drink? You've written enough.

I went to the cave in Sablino with my friends, but it's a little vacation with an extrem : Impression is hardly any more than Ermitage: But we're not a tour, we're on our own. Tours like other caves in the same Sablino... ♪

Isaakievsky (compulsory tour), Petropavlovsky (compulsory to conduct),

Then we'd better take two days. But that's my personal opinion again.

In Squad, the tour, the cost of the ticket, the Kazan, the operating temple, to come in and see.
The phrase belongs to our Mankeche forum, I don't give you a badge.
There's no need to drink unspeakable, there's enough to have a list of places to visit and act on the situation and the mood. Come by, you see, you're interested.

Yeah, I get it!

Hey! I have a seven-day plan for Peter, I did it when I drove. I can go to the mail if it's still relevant.

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