Маршрут самостоятельного

Route For Self-Reliance Travel To Petersburg

You can speak in response, right?

Of course, all participants in the competition had at least two common goals: sharing information and fighting for victory.

In my case, it started last spring. When it became clear that there would be no summer leave, I was thinking about changing the summer off-the-job. Once again passing the vineyards, I have a question about who they are and where is the wine? The coming summer of our family was declared a summer of wine and wine tourism. As is done, the collection of information, contacts, understandings and other things that passes each independent traveller I got it when we were preparing for the trip. In the process of preparation, I was surprised to find that there was a new Russian wine and it was very close. But the vast majority of even local residents have just heard of some farms, but most names have been empty to them, and for us to confess, too. A plan of action was drawn up, a list of farms to visit, etc. It seems that not all plans have come true. No work has been cancelled, and at home, another obstacle is added to the intended " success " . But even those meetings and visits that have taken place have become real discoveries and revelations for us, people who have lived all their conscious lives in the vineyard region. The people we've been lucky to meet, the real guns, to the brain of the bones, the loyal lands, the lotes and their business. By the way, vineyards are one of the most labour-intensive agricultural crops, which just seems to be growing itself. It is not possible to penetrate respect for the work of vineyards and interest in their guilt. At the beginning of our wine expedition, I decided that I would write a message in the forum, so the notebook and the pen accompanied me always, the numbers and the facts were recorded, some sketches were made. The contest was intended to be implemented, and the report was converted into a route.

I'm glad the subject has been demanded by readers and a prize has been secured. I sincerely wish the Russian wine for a stable future, and I believe that Russian wine will find its consumers. I believe that Russian wine-based tourism from the glazing state will become a full-fledged tourist industry. I understand clearly that this path has not been made by rose petals.

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