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Soon the leave ends, and the reports are written: Finally, the time has come to transform the print and paper version of the impressions. Since the writing of the reports has become a good one, and I hope it's an interesting tradition, our May two-week trip has decided not to be ignored. Despite the fact that the format of the visit is somewhat out of the subject of the site, it was decided to differentiate the road travel agendas by including a description of the marine part of our journey, although the road part is also present.
In this report, I'd like to tell you about the trip to Turkey. The scene is the most ordinary resort city on the Mediterranean coast, with various stars, discotheques, tours and tourists from different countries.
21555 100 Owing to our financial insolvency, up to the very beginning of the leave scheduled at the end of August, we have been unable to determine for a long time the purpose of the journey. Olga considered the sight of one, the other. I was in a choice, and she said, "Okay, I'm gonna notice." As the leave approached, due to time constraints, the issue of visas had declined, significantly reducing the choice. But finally, backed first by a financial party, it's decided that we're going to Turkey through Georgia!
16001 50 Kazbedi - Tortum Chelale - Erzurum - Kaiseri - Cappadocia - Eirdir - Sagalasos - Pamukkale - Efez - Fethi - - Chirala - Sid - - Ghiantep - - Nemrut Dag - Shanglyurf - Mardin - Nemruth Golia - Many of this puliasit - Isha How did it start? Okay, let's go. ♪ ♪
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Over the past six years, summer rest has been held in Crimea. We've all set him up. And every year, they opened up new seats. But after recent events in Ukraine, we decided to pause and go to Bulgaria. Why Bulgaria? The Gradina Hotel was booked in Golden Sands. The family room with breakfast for four for 12 days went to 15,000 roubles. It wasn't an option to go through Ukraine, and it started with Schengen. But after the refusal, we started to develop a route through Georgia and Turkey. There was a lot of controversy and broken nerves, but it worked.
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