Карелия отдых на машине

Automotive Cartel Ride

Today, the holiday in Carelia is gaining popularity, because it is the very real pearl Russia. Tourists will discover the simplicity of the fabulous and extraordinary nature, the vast number of deep lakes, the countless virgin forests that have not yet come to human legs. It is in this province that the people who wish to find and see the harsh mountains and noise rivers should be preferred. It's a pleasure to be surprised by the joyful hospitality of the northern people. I'm planning a trip to know a little bit about Carelia's geography. It is a republic located in the north-west of Russia. It is part of the economic area of the Russian Federation. It covers a larger territory, its size can be compared to States such as Greece, Bulgaria, it is four times as large as Switzerland or Denmark. Carelia is a lake and forest area, its landscape is traces of glacier activity: lake, intersection, mystery. The climate of moderately cold is a transition from sea to continental. The temperatures are enormous, for example, in the summer of 2016: +35°C, and in the winter this value is only minus.

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