вокзале Тбилиси

Marshrut Of Self-Travel On Tbilisi

Тбилиси экскурсия достопримечательности 003In the first part, we wrote as our own, cheap and comfortable access to Tbilisi from Batumi, gave some useful advice and distributed the route. In this article we shall try to describe the route in detail and briefly all the sights.

And if you want to stay in Tbilisi for a few days, the apartment can be booked on the website and the hotel on the site.

As you have already read, our route begins from the Aylabari subway station and this is its first point.

  1. Cafedral Camenda Sameba

Up front of the subway station, turn to the left shell and climb up about ten minutes. The cathedral is on the mountain and it's the most magnificent in Tbilisi, you can see it from anywhere in the city, so you're fast-tracking.

Тбилиси экскурсия достопримечательности 011His interesting name is translated as the Sobor of Saint Trinity, and the temple itself is quite modern (construction started in 1995), but is already considered the “city building”. Actually, there's a lot of temples in Tbilisi, but we're only going to visit the two largest and famous. Read next.

  1. Presidential Palace

The President ' s residence is very close to Sameba, and to look at it, the stairs that are located on the back of the temple, then turn left and go to the first alley again. Sort of like that, if we remember correctly.

Тбилиси экскурсия достопримечательности 014With 200 meters, it'll be a noticeable big building with a glass dome. Of course, no one's gonna let you in, but at least you can look out, especially since he's on the road. We only got here at night, so we didn't get a good look, and the photos didn't go very well.

The history of the construction and construction of the residence is hardly interesting to anyone, so I'll just say that they wanted to reconstruct it from the beginning, and then they decided to redo it completely.

  1. Temple of Metehi

Going down the braces, You'll notice the little fun cafes and the wine shop where they'll be nice and persistently called by their owners, and then you'll have a beautiful view on the famous bridge of the World, Rick and Temple Metech, and we're going to watch it.

One day there was a big Methech Palace in this rock, where in the twelfth century, the Temples that remained until our days were built. Unfortunately, the castle left only one wall, You'll see her coming up to the temple.

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