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Rental of housing

As is well known, one of the main tasks in planning for travel to Montenegro is the search and reservation of apartments. Some tourists doubt and fear that they may be deceived, so they try to stay in the hotel. However, living in hotel rooms is very expensive, and services are not always quality. Whether it's a home atmosphere.

Today, many travellers have begun to actively use Airbnb's safe service, on which a low-priority apartment, house, villa or even room can be booked on their own. Besides, by renting rents, you can save almost 50 percent of the hotel room, and you'll get a lot more comfortable.3 Let's consider all the advantages of renting apartments on this site.

  1. Here you will see many different housing options, which will be significantly lower than the hotel room.
  2. Since the lease site is the so-called guarantor of the fulfilment of the obligations between the owner of the dwelling and you, you may not be afraid that you will be deceived, because the money won't need to be surrendered personally.
  3. Finding a housing budget or a stunning villa is very easy and convenient. Owners display a large number of real photographs, complete the description, and mark the location on the map. If any questions arise, you can find the answers to them from the owner through a personal correspondence.
  4. All the feedback left on the website is real and written by other residents. They can identify all the advantages and minus of the flat.
  5. The Airbnb Internet Service provides a great opportunity for every traveller to meet and meet local Montenegrin residents, to learn a lot of new and necessary information.
  6. You can rent for any time.7 And the longer you stay on the rented apartment, the more you get the discount. Usually, this information is not available, but you can always ask the owner of the apartment for a discount if you're planning to stay a few days.

Travel documents

How to go to Montenegro, what documents are needed and how much time it takes, the initial questions of most tourists, and the answers to them must be known to anyone who plans to enjoy rest in that country. The Russians do not need a visa in Montenegro if the purpose of the trip is tourism and stay in the country does not exceed 30 days, which in most cases is flawed. It will only take foreign passports, operating at least until the rest.

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